The Gamut Kollektiv (Gamut collective) has as its purpose to explore, to seek and to set new things in motion; it serves as a fruitful breeding ground for ideas, experiments and new processes.

In a similar way to musician-led initiatives in Berlin, Cologne, Vienna, Graz and Berne, the Gamut Kollektiv wants to open up suitable spaces in Zurich, to bring together musicians and artists with a diversity of stylistic or geographical origins, and to foster effective communication between them.

The collective consists of seven young musicians and a graphic designer from Zurich. They all express themselves freely in their own work and, when they cooperate, create a dynamic of lively cooperation. This pool is bound together by a common artistic vision.

In addition to the annual Gamut Festival, there is the Gamut Series. Each concert creates a new, individual platform for improvising musicians at different venues. The exchange and cooperation with different scenes is being promoted and conceptually integrated in new forms.

Silvan Schmid (trp)
Tapiwa Svosve (asax)
Tobias Pfister (tsax)
Philipp Eden (p)
Vojko Huter (guit)
Xaver Rüegg (b)
Paul Amereller (dr)
Martina Perrin (Design)

Design by AnnerPerrin
Code Steffen Kraska

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